Britain's Bayeux Tapestry


The Tapestry has been divided into thirteen sections; within each section are a number of scenes exploring the story. This list introduces you to the various sections and scenes - just click on the description to go straight to that scene.

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Journey To Normandy

Scene 1 : Edward and Harold at Westminster, followed by Harold heading for Bosham
Scene 2 : Harold arrives at Bosham, then sets sail
Scene 3 : Harold lands at Ponthieu and is captured by Count Guy

The Prisoner

Scene 1 : Harold and Guy head for Beaurain
Scene 2 : The arrival of messengers from William
Scene 3 : Guy takes Harold to William

The Mysterious Lady

Scene 1 : William and Harold arrive at Rouen - to their right is a mysterious scene

Brothers in Arms

Scene 1 : Harold and William fight Duke Conan of Brittany
Scene 2 : The Normans attack the town of Dol
Scene 3 : Conan surrenders to William. William honours Harold

The Oath

Scene 1 : Harold makes a solemn oath

The Return

Scene 1 : Harold returns to Edward

The King is Dead...

Scene 1 : Edward’s funeral

...Long Live The King

Scene 1 : Harold is crowned King of England

Planning The Invasion

Scene 1 : William decides to attack England
Scene 2 : Building the ships
Scene 3 : Loading the ships

The Crossing

Scene 1 : The ships set sail
Scene 2 : William’s ship


Scene 1 : Arrival at Pevensey
Scene 2 : William and his men enjoy a feast
Scene 3 : William has a discussion with his half brothers and a castle is built

William Rides to War

Scene 1 : The morning of the battle
Scene 2 : William on his horse
Scene 3 : The two armies

The Battle of Hastings

Scene 1 : The start of the battle
Scene 2 : English soldiers on foot
Scene 3 : Harold’s brothers die
Scene 4 : Bishop Odo appears in the battle
Scene 5 : William raises his helmet after a fall from his horse
Scene 6 : The death of Harold
Scene 7 : The battle is over

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